Our 7 top exam tips to help you on the morning of an exam



Exam day is finally here, and you want to be in the best possible mindset. You need to be calm, collected and ready to try your very best. Here we share our 7 expert tips on what to do the morning of an exam to help you optimise your performance.


1.   Wake up early


Wake up with plenty of time to eat breakfast, relax and, get to your exam on time so you don’t get stressed. This allows you to get comfortable with your surroundings and calm down before you begin the exam. It will also stop you from being late and experiencing any penalties associated with this.


2.   Warm your brain and wake up your body


Get your mind and body exam ready by getting active and energised. Whilst you’re getting ready, play your favourite uplifting songs. Give yourself plenty of time in the morning to read over your notes. Reading your notes will get your brain in the mood for processing information. Try not to leave any memorising until the morning of the exam as this can damage any information your brain has stored already. Too much last-minute cramming can send your brain into a spin!


3.   Have a balanced breakfast


Having breakfast on the morning of your exam is super important to give yourself enough energy to get through long exam days. For the best breakfast choice, include slow release carbohydrates, such as porridge oats, whole grain bread or low sugar cereals, as they provide slow release energy. Add protein, such as milk, yoghurt or eggs, to keep you feeling much fuller for longer. You may want to aim to include a portion of a food rich in Omega 3 fats, such as fish or nuts, as they are believed to have brain boosting properties. Yoghurt and fruit such as blueberries, is another great choice and perfect to have for breakfast before an exam. Blueberries help maintain brain function and improve memory. Try your best to steer clear of foods with high salt and fat content because they can end up making you feel sluggish, lazy and sleepy.


4.   Stay hydrated

One of the best ways to maximise your brain focus and function is to keep hydrated. Even a small amount of dehydration can lead to tiredness, headaches and reduced concentration. Take a big bottle of water into the exam if you’re allowed to and take regular sips throughout the exam. Remember not to drink too much, drinking too much water and needing a toilet break every five minutes will distract you from the task in hand. The sip is just for a quick diversion to give your brain and hand a breather.


5.   Check your bag before you leave


Make sure you have all the correct essentials that you need for your exam:


Pens (take more than one)



Pencil sharpener


Clear pencil case

Water bottle


For Maths:





Try not to leave getting your things ready until the last minute – this is most definitely something that you should try to get done on the evening before your exam. Remember none of your equipment can have markings or writing on them and mobile phones and other electronic devices can’t be taken into exams, so it’s best to leave these behind.


6.  Avoid talking to overly worried classmates


A little anxiety is generally to be expected and will help keep you on your toes but there is no positive outcome from talking to overly anxious classmates on the day of your exam. Of course, it is natural for people to panic given the stressful situation but don’t let it affect your internal preparation. Try to picture yourself achieving the best possible outcome that you wish to happen. This really helps enhance and encourage positive feelings and decreases negative emotions.


7. Do what is best for you

Lastly, remember that everyone is different. Some of your classmates might like to spend time on their own before the exam, others may blast loud music to help them prepare. Maybe you’re someone who likes to wear your favourite socks for good luck. Do whatever puts you in the best frame of mind and you’ll be set up perfectly to do your very best.

Good luck!

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