Is tuition worth paying for?

Why should I enrol my child for online tuition

Education is a massive undertaking. Imagine all the thousands of schools across the country and the hundreds of thousands of children in each year group. It is a challenge for any country. We know that how well children do in school relates to simple things such as where you live. As parents, we all want the best for our children so how can we help them?

Every so often, a child hits a rough patch. This could be to do with not clicking with a teacher, tricky relationships in school alongside other issues such as low self-esteem or anxiety. Generally, when children are happy things in school will be fine. However, we do know that children benefit from extra support or individual attention that with the best will in the world, schools cannot always provide.

There is good research evidence and common sense also tells us that one-to-one tuition can help children make better than expected progress. This is especially powerful where the tutor forms a positive bond and encouraging relationship with the student. Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that no two children are the same. With only one child to work with, it means that your tutor is able to quickly assess areas of development. They can also understand what type of learner your child is, means that they can plan activities specifically for their learning needs. Assessment needs to be used so that the tutor gets to know the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Concerns can then be explained and practised so that the student gains in confidence. Lessons can be tailored to your child’s pace, specific needs and goals. It also gives your child the space to talk openly about what they’re really struggling with, or excelling in, which they may not feel confident doing in class. One-to-one tutoring allows your child to work on their weaknesses in private without distraction at their own pace. Students tend to be more motivated and engaged because they are directly involved in the planning of sessions which include their special interests and personal rewards. Soon, what was once a mystery soon becomes an automatic part of their repertoire as a young learner.

Choose your tutor carefully; check that they have the correct and suitable qualifications and an enhanced DBS check. This means that your tutor has been checked for criminal background. Make sure that your child keeps to time, completes practice work and give support and encouragement. All children can learn. All children can make progress. A little bit of extra attention can work wonders. 

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